Information on our Gym

Treadmills are great CardioPlainfield Gym and Tanning is a locally owned small business by Angie & Don Dudley who also run Advantage Counseling. With several part-time staffers who have been with them since the beginning they know how to coach you to success and here it's Fitness for all levels.

Personal Training is available at Plainfield Gym and Tanning.

Focus On Weight Training For Toning

To succeed in a lifestyle plan or change you have laid out for yourself be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables, just like Mom use to make you do, do a cardio workout, using our Life Fitness equipment, for your heart health at least 30 minutes a day and to burn calories and add toning be sure to add in weight training every few days. Weight training done properly helps you lose the fat and gain muscle; if you follow your plan it is guaranteed to work for a healthier you!  

There are myths out there about weight training BUT weight training does not mean that you will look like our Gold’s Gym Bodybuilders, weight training helps you build muscle that burns fat and can help you slim down with a little effort. At Plainfield Gym and Tanning we are a weight training facility so we have machines that will work you from one end to another and back again.

For local weight lifters we have old time training tools like, Hammer Strength, Cybex and York Barbell. We also have heavy chains and cables to train with and a separate free weight room and up 200lb dumb bells and there is no wait on equipment!  

At Plainfield Gym and Tanning we provide fitness for all levels so stop in and check us out, we would like to show you around! We want you to feel comfortable and we offer you the tools for success at a reasonable rate.

Grab A Protein or Energy DrinkMovie Rentals Included

After your workout be sure to grab a Protein or Energy drink for rehydration!

If your hanging out at home after your workout, grab a movie and enjoy some "down time"!